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Perché giocare a The Legend of Zelda su Nintendo Switch.

Conosciamo bene la fama di questa saga, ma è sempre bello ripercorrere le ragioni per cui Zelda è davvero un'esperienza unica nel suo genere.

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[Interview] Isaiah Triforce Johnson

[Interview] Isaiah Triforce Johnson

During the last week of December, Nintendo Galaxy has had the opportunity to meet Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson and ask him some questions that you fan proposed. This is the interview:

N.G. Hello. First of all, congratulations for purchasing the first unit of Wii U. Only Hurricane Sandy brought you to suspend the wait in line!
I.T.J. Thank you and thanks for the support to get me through that grueling month.

N.G. Talk about you. Think how many hours you spent between the rows of midnight launch in total?

I.T.J. Well a lot of people don’t know this about me but I’ve been playing video games for 30 years now. I’m a 4 time Guinness World Record holder for their Gamers Edition in video games. I have over 30 world Records with Twin Galaxies and their partner Guinness World Record in other video games as well. I’ve been in 5 Guinness Books consecutively; 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. I’ve won a score of different head to head video game tournaments from Tetris, to Pokemon Puzzle League to Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and more. I’m the Arcade Iron Man of Gaming Champion for 2012 and the founder and owner of the Most documented Tournament Winning team in competitive gaming; Empire Arcadia. I tell this about myself because I want Nintendo fans around the world to know that they have a champion in gaming that is current with the modern world of gaming and that we’re not irrelevant. Nintendo gamers are the best gamers in the world.

As for how many hours I’ve stood n the line I would have to say that if you take out the time I had to be away from the line of Hurricane Sandy which was 2 days total, then we’re looking at over 600 hours easily. When I look back at it, I’m surprised that I was able to even complete that feat. For the most part, I’m glad that it's over for more than one reason. I really enjoy my Nintendo Wii U and it was worth the wait.

N.G. Be recordman, is not something every day. How did you feel during your awards at E3 2012, with, of all people, you were rewarded from your friend Reggie?

I.T.J. Being given the Guinness World Record for the most midnight launch parties for Nintendo games was a honor but what made it even more special was that Nintendo’s President of America Reggie came out to give me the award personally. I was a great honor that he would take the time out of E3 just to do that for me when I know for a face that he was busy.

N.G. What motivates your passion so strongly in Nintendo?

I.T.J. I grew up on Nintendo and to be honest I love their games. They’re fun, innovative and don’t let graphics take away from my imagination. The games submerge you into their world but does not strip you from your imagination or interpretation of that world. Nintendo has always been about the family and social gaming and that is what I love so much about Nintendo.

N.G. What is the award obtained that makes you happy?

I.T.J. The world record that I’m most proud of is standing in line for the most Nintendo Launch parties. The reason why is because it brings back so many memorable times hanging out with all the great Nintendo fans, trading street passes and playing video games with them. Those social moments in my gaming life are timeless and mean more to me than a score that I was able to achieve. Eventually someone can take away my score but no one can take away the memories that I shared with all the Nintendo gaming fans.

N.G. What was your first video game? It still plays?

I.T.J. My first video game was gaming watch and table top games like Pacman, Donkey Kong and Popeye. I was only 4 years old at the time. I was too young to go outside but at 6 years old my Father took me to a grocery store in the Bronx in White Plains road where they had a Star Wars arcade machine and that was my first arcade experience and when I truly took video games seriously. I still have my table top Donkey Kong but I need double D batteries to turn it on. I might just dust it off and try it out again just for the memories.

N.G. What is your Nintendo game he loves most of all? And Which Nintendo character is mirrored more?

I.T.J There is no one particular Nintendo game that I love to be honest but there are 3 game series that share my top of the list. The three games are The Legend of Zelda (series) Super Mario Bros (series) and Tetris (series). I say series because each game comes with its own memories and fun factor and it all depends on the mood that I’m in which determines how I enjoy the games.

N.G. In addition to the site Empire Arcadia, have you other plans for the future?

I.T.J. Empire Arcadia is my life. It represents me as a gamer. My goal in life is that of Empire Arcadia which is the commitment to the further development of the digital culture, community and industry of video games. Harnessing the natural talents of its members, the organization looks to create new markets in gaming through various diverse elements such as Fashion, Art, Music, Media, Health, Education, Community Network and Competition in gaming.

N.G. We can understand, by your nickname, that the franchise he loves most is The Legend of Zelda; but what is it that makes it unique for you the saga?

I.T.J. The word Triforce defines the person I am. “Power, Courage and Wisdom”. I use these three forces to help guide me through my everyday life in and outside of video games. The name “TriForce” was actually given to me by my friends because of how much of a huge Zelda Fan is, so it just worked out that I made it my legal name to not only pay homage to Nintendo but to serve as a reminder of how I should live my life.

N.G. Wii U is certainly made interesting by the second screen on the gamepad. But this console can be as revolutionary as wii?

I.T.J. This console is truly the next generation in video games. People always think graphics and processing or memory power is what makes a next generation video game system. The truth is innovation is what makes a next generation system. When you look at the Nintendo Wii U, it has all the components of all systems past and future to help game designers innovate new ways to play video games competitively and to share the fun filled times with other people. Other systems may be more powerful but they won’t offer a new way to play games like the Nintendo Wii U and that is what you need to be a next generation system.

N.G. A Nintendo title that would like to see on the Wii U?

I.T.J. Fire EmblemMetroidStar FoxZeldaPokemonDuck Hunt in Nintendo Land and a R-Type 5 player game. Yeah I know that R-Type is not by Nintendo but I do love the series.

What do you think of Sony and Microsoft?

I.T.J. They’re cool. I have a 360 and PS3 but I prefer to play Nintendo because only Nintendo has Zelda and Mario.

N.G. What do you think of the closure of Nintendo Power? And the sudden birth of Nintendo Force Magazine?

I.T.J. I was sad when they announced the closing of Nintendo Power.  I was even at its anniversary a few years back. I can understand that with Nintendo changing and becoming more prominent in the online world having a physical magazine just doesn’t add up at the end of the day. Nintendo Force coming in to replace it for the community and the traditional aspect of the gaming culture is nice and I hope that all the Nintendo fans support it.

N.G. Lastly; A short time ago in America there has been a bad tragedy where many children and teachers of a school in Newtown died. A journalist from the The Sun reported that the disease of the serial killer is from the famous Brand of Activision Call of Duty. What do you think?


N.G. Thanks for answering questions.

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